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When it comes to choosing products to offer to our customers, WE consider it with the consumer in mind. We researched products that offer high quality and with more than the industries' standard of one year. We have products that carry two and even lifetime warranty. Let's take for an example the Kenwood eXcelon line of products. With a variety of products to fit every budget, from a basic radio to a multimedia and navigation system, Kenwood eXcelon offers two year warranty from date purchased. Investment wise, it gives a peace of mind. We have been so impressed with its quality, we stopped carrying any other car stereo brand since we became a dealer more than 5 years ago.

When it comes out in getting the best sound out of any radio, whether it is a factory radio or one of the Kenwood radios that we sell, WE have partnered up with Memphis Car Audio and Morel. Two of the most distinguished speaker companies on both sides of the world. Memphis Car Audio is a partner of ours since we started.  You may asked why? When a company backs their product by offering one of the industry's best warranty, ie Lifetime warranty on their full line of Power Reference Speakers, it is foolish not to offer to our customers. When you have a company that puts the customer first, it can only be contagious. If loud and clear is what you have in mind, be blown away with the MOJO line of speakers. If you are not convinced, visit us and hear it for yourself.

Being in business for over 20 years, our customer demographic changes with differing needs. For the mature and audiophile customers, we offer the MOREL line of speakers. With speakers ranging from low $100 to over $5000 a pair, you get the diversity with sound quality in mind. There is no flat spot with this speaker, at least not audible to our human ear. Every cymbals, every trumpet, and every vocal range can be accounted for. Listen to music the way they are intended to be heard.



Your vehicles audio sound quality is subjective to your individual preference. What is considered good for someone, may not be good for another. With the advent of new technologies, automotive manufacturers focus more on ergonomics rather than sound quality. Often times, car manufacturers bid out the speaker components to get the lowest cost as possible, and often result with the lowest quality products. Who can blame them, they are there to make money with the least amount of cost. Don’t get me wrong, there are car manufactures that spend time and money on research to achieve the bet in cabin sound quality and sound projection, but this comes at a high cost and often times is offered only as an option tied to a bigger ticket item. But as I mentioned earlier, sound quality varies on the perception and preference of the individual consumer.


At Wired Electronics, we can assist you in making your car audio goals reality. It starts with us sitting down with you and listening to your goal, translating this to an visual presentation, and finally providing multiple product options and estimates. WE is not your cookie-cutter- big box type of shop, where every vehicle receive the same product regardless of type. Our goal is to provide the customer the best product for your goal at a given budget.

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