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car security and starter

WE are an authorized dealer and installer of two of the top automotive security and remote car starter products, Viper and Compustar. Whether you want your apple green or you want it red, we have both for you to choose from. The question is not which product brand to install, as both brands are top in their own right.  The question is the quality of the installation and service.  

Compustar is a company with humble beginnings, now "voted #1 by Mobile Electronics Specialist", offering products like security, remote start, and tracking devices.  They use Atmel processor for speed, efficiency, and performance.  Their customizable features create solutions for every individual needs. It is also first in the industry to support manual transmission vehicles. Best yet, it is Lifetime warranty and with the longest remote range in the industry covering up to a 3 mile range. If you want to start your car from just about anywhere or track your car anytime and anywhere, compustar offers dronemobile. 

Viper is a staple name for automotive security and convenience for years; and the world's best selling vehicle security and remote start brand. It has the best nationwide support and it makes Viper the number one choice by consumer and dealers alike. Check out their newest product, SmartStart, to start, control and locate your car from virtually anywhere with virtually unlimited range with your phone and now compatible with iwatch.  Who needs a remote if you have an iwatch? 

Remote Starters are perfect during winter months to warm your car or during summer months to cool your car or anytime in between for that matter.  People who had it once, cannot imagine a snowy or humid day without it.  With new technologies, some remote start controllers, such as Viper 4706V, has timer start and displays actual temperature inside the car when in remote start mode and Artic Start Edge 2X has an auto start activation at user designated time or temperature....perfect during those wintry nights. While in the office, your car starts to warm at specified time or temp or at a click of a button of a remote, phone or iwatch.  There is no need to wait in the freezing cold before heading out home.  Now, that is high tech, a change from the old days of manually starting the car at freezing temp.  It seems to have become a necessity, and rightfully so, specially in the region where we are. 

Equipping your car with an alarm, on the other hand, is second nature.  If you have a car, no doubt you thought of getting an alarm. Almost every automobile has a security system.  Some auto remote starters systems come with or without a security system.  A car alarm gives security and peace of mind.  Artic Edge 2X has Starter-Interrupt feature, an Automatic engine start prevention after system acknowledges unauthorized access and Viper has Stinger® DoubleGuard® shock sensor, Revenger® six-tone siren and Failsafe® Starter Kill.


Give them something they will remember everyday.



Connect your car to your smart phone and other smart devices such as smart watch (Apple Watch, Android wear), Google Assistant, Amazon Echo, PC or Mac for remote start, security and tracking.

DroneMobile gives you:

Remote Start and Security - starts engine and locks doors remotely with confirmation.

GPS Tracking - tracks the location of vehicle and can set custom alerts for speeding and/or after-hours driving.

The perfect gift to show them you care! Give them warmth and security.

Their smile, Priceless!

To learn more, call 908 474 1150 and mention website current promotion ad.

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